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Set your preferences
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Be more informed about your food

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Product information in a readable and trusted format.

  • Learn about what’s in your food,
  • Where is it made
  • Is it really free from nasties?
  • What do the additive codes mean? (coming soon)

Approved by Health Professionals


Expertly reviewed by a team of nutritionists, dietitians and naturopaths. HeartFood is committed to the science of food and nutrition. We follow the data and use technology to make it easier for you. Some data we look at includes:

  • Scientific reviews
  • Clinical evidence
  • Customer surveys

Better for you brands

better for you brands

HeartFood stock many leading health food brands and are constantly adding new products to our range.

  • Buy local and boutique products
  • More healthy food brands than in your local supermarket

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HeartFood?

HeartFood is an app retail store offering the healthiest products with a natural and organic product focus.

We make it easy for you to buy better food by recommending healthier choices when you are shopping or putting together your grocery list. We aim to cover 95% of barcoded food products available.

We use the Australian Government endorsed Health Star Rating system to make comparisons of barcoded food products.

We have currently analysed over 5,000 products and stock around 500 items. We will deliver to your door. Our mission is to improve the quality of food for the entire world.

Why did you start HeartFood?

We all have a personal story about the healing power of good food and the struggles some of our friends and families have had with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Before the mass production and mass marketing of food from the 1950’s it was easier to eat healthier food as choice was restricted and products more wholesome.  Today this is not the case. It is difficult to sort through the the marketing claims, labelling, ingredients and manufacturing processes used on food products to find the best one’s.

We can make a difference.  We all have personal preferences and we make it easy for people to discover something thats right for them and healthier when they shop.

We work with leading and emerging brands and provide a marketplace for customers to access more healthy choices than what is available in regular supermarkets.

Why do you use Health Star ratings to compare products ?

The Australian food industry backed by the Australian Government implemented the Health Star rating system for all foods sold in Australia. It is not mandatory.

It works by rating the nutrition value of food so that products in a category can be compared to each other. This is the first time this has been done at this scale in any country.  The system is not perfect and will throw up the occasional ‘odd’ rating. However it is a great start and we believe over time it will be refined and get better and better.

It provides an industry-backed system to compare food (in the same category) that most people agree with.  This is why we support and use it


To find out more about the government endorsed health Star Rating system go to:

What kinds of products will HeartFood stock?

We analyse 1000s of products and carefully curate and the best products so that when you search across the hundreds of products available in a category you only get the best from HeartFood.  We look at an individuals preferences, price, taste, health star rating and ingredients to make sure we only stock the best food for you at a reasonable price. 

We have a leaning toward organic and whole foods. We don’t stock everything available in the market – just the best products that can be trusted.

We will not stock food that is plainly unhealthy for you like; sugared soft drinks, highly refined foods or products with excessive additional additives, saturated fat, sugar or salt.

What is the benefit of the HeartFood app?

The HeartFood app is free.

The HeartFood app gives you an simple, convenient  and easy way to make better food choices.  It saves you time looking for the hard to find healthy and tasty products. HeartFood does this by using the barcode scanner.  When you scan a product in a shop or at home, HeartFood will tell you what’s in it and compare it to healthier options in the category. You can purchase the healthier recommendations by using the app.

The ordering and delivery process has been simplified to help you get healthy products into your home.

What are you doing in the future?

We will listen and work closely with interest groups to ensure as many needs as possible are reasonably catered for.

We are currently expanding our filters to provide people with a more personalised experience. Users can discover products based on dietary needs, allergens and other product attributes like country of origin.

We are committed to expanding our product data to support Gluten-free, Vegan, Low Fodmap, Low Salt and Low Sugar options. 

We have support for more than 35 filters.